My daughter and I were diagnosed with Celiac disease several years ago.  What a dilemma for me as a cake decorator and baker!  

Rather than an obstacle, I embraced the baking challenge: I set out to find the very best flour combination so that people with gluten intolerances or allergies could enjoy a delicious sweet treat for those special occasions in their lives.  

This was no easy feat. Let's face it -- most gluten free desserts do not taste that great.

For the past 5 years, I have experimented with several flour combinations until I have found ones with great taste and texture.  Without skimping on ingredients, I use real eggs, real butter, gluten free flour mixtures, real sugar, and additional gluten free foods.  

Gluten free items are made in a facility that produces products that contain wheat.  However, they are made on entirely separate equipment. 


Cupcakes: $4 each, sold by the dozen

Brownies & Bars: $2 each, sold by the dozen

Cookies: $1.50 each, sold by the dozen

Mini-Cupcakes or Muffins: $2 each, sold by the dozen

Chocolate Caramel Truffles: $1.50 each, sold by the dozen

Sweet breads: $18 each

10" round specialty cakes: $40 each, in chocolate or white flavor

No Bake Power Bite Balls: $1 each, sold by the dozen.


Don't see your favorite family recipe listed here? I am willing to try just about anything! We accept custom orders. Pricing varies upon inquiry.